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Sometimes all a store needs in order to get customers flocking into it is a good appearance. Regardless of which product your store is concerned with, if it is not organized or furnished in the right way, customers are just not going to give it a second glance. This is how the market has always worked, for the first impression truly does turn out to be the last one in the mind of visitors who enter your store. From the kind of retail store fixtures you use to display your items to the mannequins showing off some apparel, every teeny tiny detail of your store space matters and ultimately has a huge role to play when it comes to your store making profits and running successfully. Besides, “the look” of the shop also becomes significant when it comes to using it as an effective marketing tool. Anything that catches the eye of people are now taken snaps of and posted on the internet for everyone one to see. This is no less than a subtle as well as effortless promotional tool where more and more people come to know about your store, that is, if the appearance of the store leaves visitors in awe. And we are the online destination that delivers latest designs on store fixtures and furnishings at the most reasonable rates one could find.

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Featured Store Fixtures

Gondola Shelving Category
Used Gondola Shelving Save over 50% on the price of new by purchasing our used retail store shelving
Display Cases from KZ Store Fixtures
Display Cases / Showcases We offer several styles of affordable showcase display cases to suit just about anyone's need.
Slatwall Fixtures Slatwall Hooks
Slatwall Store Fixtures We offer slatwall panels, slatwall hooks, waterfalls, face outs, hat racks and more. Large assortment available here at great prices.
Gridwall Displays Gridwall Hooks at KZ Store Fixtures
Gridwall Store Fixtures One of the most versatile displays available, gridwall panels and fixtures can be customized for your individual need. Great for trade shows and more.

Freestanding Garment Racks
Garment Racks We have single bar clothing racks, double bar garment racks, rolling clothing racks and accessories.
Cubbie Glass Displays
Cubbie Glass Displays Create beautiful displays of your own with cubbie glass squares and quarter round.
Wall Standards and Accessories
Wall Standards Create modular displays with our heavy duty and super heavy duty wall standards & accessories.
Card holders Sign Holders
Card & Sign Holders Huge selection of acrylic and metal card holders, sign holders, clamps, stems and accessories.


How to choose store fixtures?
A lot goes into selecting the right store fixture for one’s store. Recklessly choosing such fixtures could end up cluttering the workspace and ultimately ruining the aesthetic appeal of a store. This can also lead one to lose valuable brownie points where customer interest is concerned, for rarely does people like to visit shops which are unduly crowded with disorganized merchandize. Hence, when deciding as to what fixtures to purchase for one’s shop, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Every retail fixture should go with the overall mood and feel of the store. For example, if you own a shop that is located in an uptown area and caters to big businessmen on a daily basis, you have to keep a very formal yet elegant setting inside. You cannot go off buying fixtures that are fun and informal, else you risk losing your clientele.
  • The look from outside should always complement the look inside. If the display case has black and white jewelry displays on display, it is always wise to design the other fixtures in your shop along that theme, giving it a sense of harmony, which is always appreciated by customers.
  • The amount of space and the size of the shops are of course big factors in the selection of store fixtures. Buying an array of extra large fixtures, when you have a moderate sized shop is not advisable since the customer might not get the required space to navigate to all corners of the shop comfortably.

Why choose us?
We are the kind of company that believes in 100% customer satisfaction.  All of our products are made of nothing but authentic and durable materials and designed with special care and precision. We sell both new and used retail shelving, hence, are able to cater to all kinds of retailers. People who are looking to open new stores with brand new fixtures as well people who are looking to remodel their old stores with affordable second-hand fixtures can approach us with their display needs. The quality of the store fixtures is one thing that we don’t compromise on. All of the fixtures are crafted by gifted designers who have evaluated the ongoing trends of the market and come up with elegant and tasteful modern fixtures that serve the purpose of utilizing store space in an attractive manner.
Here are a few types of stores who would find our range of fixtures really useful:

  • Small boutiques
  • Men’s and women’s clothing/ accessories/ apparel shops
  • Sports goods stores
  • Departmental stores
  • Kids stores
  • Footwear shops
  • Lingerie and undergarment shops
  • Bridal stores
  • Book stores
  • Toy stores

Our top selling items
While we stock almost every kind of fixture that a retail store might need, here is a look at some of our items that are most in demand among our customers:

  • Display cabinets – We have a variety of display cases, our most popular being the glass display cases.  Display cases are ideal for drawing attention to a piece of jewelry or any other precious or specialty item that has just been launched or being promoted the most. They are great for focusing the attention of a buyer towards the item being displayed in the display case. They come in all shapes and sizes and shop owners like placing these cases either at the entrance of their shop or at the centre for most dramatic effect.
  • Showcase – Showcases are the best way to utilize the wall space inside a store. They are easily customized and are made up of different materials such as wood, metal, fiber etc. durability is never an issue with them as well as gridwall displays which are both ideal for storing a bulk of different items such as t-shirts or toys, conveniently separating every item by placing them in different sections or rows. Another variation of showcases is the slatwall displays which makes use of panels to properly organize the merchandize and increasing the flexibility with which products can be displayed on the wall.
  • Gondola Shelving – Shelves are the oldest form of fixtures that stores have been using over the ages and continue to do so today. From bookstores to clothing shops, everyone uses some form of shelves or the other. Lozier store shelving is one such commonly found type of shelves found in modern stores today.
  • Mannequins – An apparel store would be nothing without a mannequin to display its top selling items and new arrivals. It is the ideal way of displaying a clothing item as well as accessories for it lets the customer roughly visualize how it would look on him/her before actually trying it on.

There are other must-have store displays too such as hangers, clothing racks, bagging jacks etc that one can purchase here.